Co-developing the survey with nSight was effortless and confident. nSight personnel’s professional background was shown through clear suggestions and proactive attitude. I warmly recommend nSight for similar projects.

Mari Lindholm, Customer Insight Manager

SATO had developed a new marketing concept ”Imperfectly perfect homes” to encourage Finns to be more home-positive because there is no one right way to live in their own home.

To launch the new concept, SATO wanted to take a look at how Finnish people feel about their homes. By working closely together with SATO’s team and the creative agency, we conducted the home positivity survey and provided important data and insight to the process.

For example, nearly half of the respondents experience at least sometimes home shame and up to a fifth always or often do so. Some are ashamed that they haven’t decorated their home enough, or the decor should be finer. Most commonly, however, dissatisfaction and shame are associated with home clutter or disorder.

With insights from the survey, SATO was able to raise awareness towards home positivity and launched their new concept in the fall of 2020.