nSight was founded to challenge the traditional way of doing market research.

Too often the traditional way does not bring real value to the business because:

  • Research is conducted too far away from the business, without proper business understanding, causing results and recommendations to be merely nice-to-know or even irrelevant.
  • Not enough time and effort is placed on the most important – creating understanding on business implications and making decisions on actions needed. End result: very limited value creation.

Our approach is turning all that around.

nSight is a combination of lean thinking, solid research expertise, advanced methodologies and strong orientation in business development.

The quality and value of our work is built not only on the competence of the team, but also through our culture that brings wellbeing at work to the focus.

How we think

We utilize a plethora of different quantitative and qualitative research methods, always choosing the method that is best suited for solving the business problem at hand.

What sets us apart is also our very strong proficiency in different statistical methods such as conjoint analysis, cluster analysis, structural equation modelling and Partial Least Squares. This together with our strong understanding of behavioral sciences enables us to identify both emotional and rational drivers of human behavior in a multidimensional way.

We utilize automation in data handling among other things to speed up the process and allow the team to focus on thinking and identifying business implications.

We believe in close collaboration and iteration with the customer from the very beginning. Unlike traditionally, the report is not our final delivery. We further elaborate the findings together with the customer’s team and create a plan on actions needed. This we do because it’s the actions, not insights that bring real value to the business.

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