Our aim is not only to create market, customer & end-user insights, but to transform the understanding together with you into actions that drive your business performance.

In practice we can help you in a variety of ways to boost your business performance and strengthen your market position. Insight-driven approach is essential e.g. when identifying growth opportunities, building stronger brands, developing better products and services, improving the effectiveness of marketing communication, creating loyalty, building customer experiences and in taking a fresh approach to building better work communities.

Solid market understanding is a good starting point for all business development. We help you to gain the needed insights on the market, competitive space and consumer/customer behavior and identify potential growth pockets. This can be done e.g. through need and motive based segmentation or deep dives into specific target groups.

Our solutions include e.g.

  • Market Study
  • Category Analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Target group analysis

Strong and meaningful brand differentiation is built on a deep understanding of the target group. In our studies we focus not only on understanding your brands current position and key strengths & weaknesses vs. competitors, but on deeper insights regarding the target groups’ needs, motives and desires and identifying the true drivers of their brand related behavior.

Our solutions include e.g.

  • Brand studies
  • Positioning surveys
  • Brand driver analysis
  • Brand tracking

We help you to create customer experiences that drive loyalty. This often begins by mapping the customer journey and analyzing and identifying ways to improve the experience. This can be done in various ways, ranging from broad brand level quantitative surveys to different qualitative methods and more specific phases of the journey or usability of distinct services. We also help in understanding overall customer satisfaction & NPS. All in all, we make sure you know how to ensure a consistent, brand driven customer experience that increases retention.

Our solutions include e.g.

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer experience measurement & development
  • Usability and optimization studies

Identifying unattended customer/consumer needs can be a significant source for portfolio growth. Such research can reveal also other opportunities for portfolio development.

We also master advanced pricing optimization and help you in determining the optimal price point for your products and services.

Our solutions include e.g.

  • Category studies
  • Behavioral studies
  • Pricing optimization
  • Price sensitivity analysis

We believe in customer driven innovation and want to help you to succeed in it. We engage with your target group to ideate and validate new product and service concepts. We conduct the tests on all needed levels from ideas to features, packaging and even flavors. Through the tests we help you to forecast the success and understand how to improve it further.

Our solutions include e.g.

  • Idea test
  • Concept and design tests
  • Product test
  • Package test

We ensure that you can make the most out of your marketing investments and conduct the needed of pre-tests and campaign measurements that ensure continuous learning.

Our solutions include e.g.

  • Pre-tests
  • Campaign measurement
  • Marketing message testing and optimization

Many companies aim to become more customer driven. It’s often beneficial  to start by defining a target state – what customer it means in that organization to be customer driven and how would it optimally be visible in the operations. We then help to define how to strengthen customer orientation by assessing current state against the target  and identifying ways to improve.

Our solutions include e.g.

  • Target state definition
  • Insight audit
  • Insight process development

Wellbeing at work is close to our hearts and we want to help our customers to become forerunners as well. Therefore, we have taken the best research methods and turned them into tools for employee experience development.

Our solutions include e.g.

  • Segmentation of personnel
  • Workplace experience development