Metsä Tissue / Serla – Portfolio development

I’m pleased with the decision to work with nSight. The team’s professionalism was evident from planning to execution. The report was clear and easy to take further in our organization, and most importantly, the thorough conclusions and real insights were very valuable for us and supported our decision-making. Also, the cooperation as such was nice and effortless!

Marja Inkala, Market Insight Manager

Serla is one of the most important tissue brands in the Nordic countries. To make decisions related to the portfolio in the future, Metsä Tissue needed more consumer insight about the users’ experiences and wishes about the category.

To achieve this goal, we conducted a home usage test with two products to gain the needed understanding in both Finland and Sweden. Participants reported their experiences on a separate online platform. On top of evaluating the products, we also used the test period to discuss the category more broadly.

Based on the insight and results from the home usage test, Metsä Tissue was able to carry on with the decision-making process relating to the portfolio with clear opportunities and threats in mind.