Storytel – Researched Information to Support Communication

Cooperation with nSight was smooth and effortless from the customer's point of view. The research progressed on time and we got what we wanted: interesting and new findings about listening to audio books and the meaning of the reader. The research was also perceived as useful and interesting internally, even though the primary purpose of use was for external communication.

Noora Kunttu, PR & Events Manager, Storytel Finland

Storytel is the most popular audiobook and e-book streaming service in the Nordics. Its vision is to make the world a more empathetic and creative place with the help of great stories. In Finland, Storytel’s selection covers more than 700,000 audio and e-books in eight different languages.

In recent years, listening to audiobooks has increased enormously, and Storytel wanted to find out more about the listening habits and preferences of Finnish audiobook listeners. In our research, we delved into the listening experiences of Finns who regularly listen to audio books wanting to know what is important to them in terms of a good listening experience.

The research shows that listening to audiobooks has significantly increased the time spent on literature and encouraged to try more different books. Audiobooks are typically listened to at home or while walking, doing housework and moving from one place to another. The survey also asked several questions about audiobook readers. 86% of the respondents felt that the reader plays a very important role in what the listening experience is like. According to the respondents, a good reader has a pleasant voice and pronounces well.

The research was carried out as an extensive quantitative study and Storytel has been able to utilize the results both for increasing internal customer understanding and for communication purposes. In addition to this, the results have been able to be used in creative design and reader selections. The results were also presented at the Storytel Awards event organized annually by Storytel, where this year the focus was especially on the role of the reader in the audiobook experience.