Orkla Care Finland – Category Development with the Help of Research

We have gained a deep understanding of the way Finns dress in different target groups. This knowledge has helped us in many different ways, both in product development and in marketing communications. We have also received support from nSight for data analysis and drawing conclusions.

Elina Standertskjöld-Nordenstam, Marketing Director for Pierre Robert Oy at Orkla Care Finland

Orkla Care Finland consists of Orkla Care Oy and Pierre Robert Oy, of which the latter’s brands include well-known textile brands such as Black Horse, Norlyn, Pierre Robert and Finnwear. Black Horse is a men’s underwear brand founded in 1975, which over the years has grown into one of Finland’s most popular clothing brands. Norlyn, on the other hand, has been producing Finns’ favourite tights for over 50 years. The selection of the Finnwear brand consists of swimwear for the whole family. The strengths of these brands include quality and comfort.

In order to build an even stronger position as a retail partner and category developer and to continue developing these brands, Pierre Robert’s team has sought further understanding of the categories through consumer research. Over the past few years, together with Pierre Robert’s team, we have been able to delve deeper into the purchasing behaviour of Finns related to clothing.

In the quantitative category studies carried out, the focus has been on forming a clear overall picture. We have familiarized ourselves with the use and purchase of the categories, reflecting the gained understanding on previous information and identified the changes that have occurred in the category. With the help of research, a comprehensive understanding of the categories’ most important product features and sales arguments has been created. These have contributed to the success of product launches, the development of the category, and they provided input for the planning of marketing communications. The research mas also made apparent the most important development points from the perspective of product portfolios, as well as the possibilities for expansion and differentiation. Through the use and purchase of the category, it has also been possible to identify the consumers most interested in the category and brands, as well as the differences between target groups. These insights have been used directly in product design and marketing measures.