Niemi – Developing Employee Experience and Employer Brand

Working with nSight was very rewarding and inspiring. I was particularly pleased with the understanding of our operations that developed during the project and the clear linking of it to the research. I really appreciate the professionalism of the entire team and their genuine enthusiasm to get tangible value for the customer to support the development of operations. From the extensive body of research, we got a clear picture of the situation, from which it was easy to lead concrete measures.

Heidi Koivisto, Communications and Sustainability Manager, Niemi Palvelut Oy

Niemi is Finland’s leading service company in the moving and logistics sector, and over the decades it has grown from a small family business to a true pioneer employing around 1,200 people nationwide.

The starting point of our cooperation was the idea of combining two needs. On the one hand, the management wanted to understand the satisfaction of the personnel, and on the other hand, to support the development of the employer brand, they needed a view of how attractive an employer Niemi is outside the company. One hypothesis behind the situation was that the reputation of Niemi and other companies in the industry as employers is weaker than the actual experience of the employees.

We created a research entity in which we first involved employees from a wide range of functions in discussions about working at Niemi. Based on these observations, we designed a survey study measuring employee experience, which also made it possible to identify the factors that have the greatest impact on employee engagement by using structural equation modeling. In the second phase of the collaboration, we analyzed the external image, and especially the matters that employees perceive as the strengths of Niemi.

As a result, we created a clear picture of the strengths and development areas of the current employee experience, as well as a deep understanding of the factors that have the strongest impact on job satisfaction, i.e., how it would be possible to further improve it and employee retention at Niemi. In addition, the identification of key differences between the real strengths experienced by employees and external images provided a strong basis for goal setting and the planning of marketing communication themes and measures to develop the employer brand.