Nelonen Media – The Great Entertainment Study

We got started fast and nSight's team quickly caught on to the idea and goals of our project. The cooperation was uncomplicated and smooth and the team combined solid research and business expertise. We kept the agreed schedule and were very satisfied with the results of the project.

Caroline Lilius, Head of Strategic Branding & Consumer Insight, Sanoma​

This project is probably the largest survey of the positive effects of entertainment ever carried out in Finland! nSight offered us a suitably nimble, but also ambitious research package; by combining different methodologies, we were able to dive deep into Finns' use of television entertainment, and we also got a lot of fuel for future brand advertising messages - Entertainment is now proven to be good for you!

Heini Häyrinen, Marketing Director, Nelonen Media

The TV channel Nelonen, which has a strong emphasis on prime-time entertainment, wanted to investigate the positive effects of entertainment in the everyday lives of Finns. The goal was to deepen the understanding of what kind of positive effects and feelings the consumption of television entertainment has on Finns. The research wanted to map experiences and feelings about the positive effects of entertainment on a versatile and very personal level.

To meet the need, we carried out a large research package that combined qualitative and quantitative research. Women and men of different ages consuming TV entertainment from all over Finland participated in the study. In the qualitative section, an online platform enabling versatile and even fun data collection methods was used, where the participants e.g., kept an entertainment journal and argued as teams for and against entertainment. In this way, we got deep into the emotional meanings of watching entertainment and were able to identify dozens of benefits associated with entertainment. In a quantitative study, we were able to identify the frequency and relevance of experiencing these different benefits among Finns more widely and, for example, in different age groups.

As a result of the cooperation, a comprehensive view of the positive effects of TV entertainment on the everyday lives of Finns was created. The research results, which draw a recognizable picture of the life situation of different target groups, are very relatable and thus communicatively delicious and even emotional. The results also reveal surprising perspectives and benefits that may not be primarily associated with TV entertainment.

The whole offered Nelonen diverse opportunities for marketing communication to different target groups within the framework of the theme “Entertainment is good for you” both through individually meaningful benefits and through broader entities.