Keskisen kello – Consumer Understanding to Support Growth

Cooperation with nSight has been effortless and they implemented both of our research projects with professionalism from start to finish and brought to the table clear, well thought views on growth opportunities. Both making strategic choices and identifying concrete measures have been easy based on cooperation!

Jari Keskinen, CEO, Keskisen Kello

Keskisen Kello is a company that has grown from a brick-and-mortar shop into Finland’s largest online shop for watches and jewellery and has become known especially for its wide selection of sports and smart watches. We have cooperated with the Keskisen Kello team in the field of consumer understanding, both in connection with the online purchase of watches and jewellery.

The goal of our cooperation in both categories has been, to create more understanding of Finns as buyers of the products in question. On the other hand, the goal has been to identify interesting target groups from Keskisen Kello’s point of view, and thus understand the ways to serve them even better. In practice, in both studies, a group discussion was first carried out, the aim of which was to identify perspectives important to consumers and thus ensure a high-quality research design. After this, the understanding was deepened with a large survey representative of the population.

As online buyers of watches, Finns are already relatively experienced, but only one in five of jewellery is currently purchased from online stores – so there is potential for growth. In terms of increasing online shopping, the jewellery survey identified the most interesting target group for Keskisen Kello, as well as clear ways to lower their purchase barriers and activate online shopping. Some of the identified development opportunities are directly related to the functionality of the online store and, for example, the search criteria with which the selection is to be narrowed down, while others are related to the recognition of Keskisen Kello as a place to shop and the way in which the brand image should be strengthened.

The understanding created together gave the Keskisen Kello team clear guidelines for the development of the online store’s functionalities, selection and marketing, and helped them to prioritize the development projects from the perspective of the value they bring to customers and thus their business significance.