Hyvä Apaja – Consumer Behaviour behind Decision-Making

Cooperation with nSight has made it possible for us to operate the way we want - by putting the consumer and consumer behaviour even more strongly in the center. Understanding consumer behaviour is essential for decision-making and long-term brand development. We got a lot of insights from the research, from marketing communications to product development. On top of that, it was really inspiring to work with nSight, which made the collaboration even more successful.

Riina Hagman, Head of Marketing and Communications, PNM-Chipsters Oy

PNM-Chipsters Oy has recognized a lot of growth potential in fish products and the need to renew and build the category to be even more consumer-oriented. The goal of our cooperation was to create more understanding of the market for fish products, to understand more broadly consumer behaviour in the category and the factors affecting the behaviour, and to identify the position of the Hyvä Apaja brand in the market.

We set out to implement a two-part research package, first by generating a qualitative understanding of consumer behaviour in the fish product category through a group discussion. In the discussion with the consumers, ideas about the category considered difficult were clarified, so that the design of a quantitative survey research would be relevant and focused on the right things. A quantitative survey was carried out among Finns who eat fish, making it possible to validate the observations produced in the group discussion in a wider group of respondents.

Considering the collected information, PNM-Chipsters Oy can build the Hyvä Apaja brand to better meet the needs of consumers. The research also identified the most potential growth target group and the related growth opportunities, in addition to the fact that the research generated a deep understanding of the target group’s characteristics, behaviour and purchase drivers and obstacles related to fish products.

In the light of the generated information, the Hyvä Apaja brand was developed, for example, by including consumers in the validation of the new look.