Futurice Family – Validation of Growth Hypotheses

nSight has helped us to understand and validate key customer value aspects in the cooperation between our companies ("Futurice Family"). The customer insight we have received has been very useful, providing us with essential information for the development of cooperation between Family companies and in directing our future Family investments. nSight's operation has been flexible and efficient, and the cooperation has been smooth in all aspects. Thanks nSight!

Olli-Pekka Saksa, VP Family Lead, Futurice

Futurice Family is a group of independent companies with a strong common value base and a common goal to help their customers succeed in a digitalized world. Each of the companies has its own unique market position and clear growth path, the acceleration of which is supported by the common ownership base. In addition to Futurice, the Family includes e.g. Columbia Road, a digital sales consultancy, Meltlake, an expert organization for Microsoft technologies, Recordly, which focuses on data utilization, and Thriv, which specializes in IT freelancers.

In Futurice Family’s strategy work, certain growth opportunities related to closer cooperation between companies had been identified, especially in the field of commercialization of services. As customer orientation and working together are one of the central shared values of the Futurice Family, it was natural to involve customers in this discussion as well.

Together with the Futurice Family team, we first defined the key themes and questions connected to the identified growth potential, which needed to be clarified from the customers’ point of view. Before involving the customers, we also interviewed the management of the Family companies. We wanted to make sure we sufficiently understood the specifics related to the services of different companies and to hear their expectations and perspectives regarding Family’s internal cooperation. From an internal perspective, we proceeded to an external one, and the customer interviews focused on strategic customers’ experiences of cooperation with Family companies, as well as their views and expectations about the future, especially in relation to the identified growth potential.

The observations compiled based on the interviews were first broken down in a smaller team from the perspective of strategy work and later in a larger workshop with key personnel from all of Family’s companies. This helped to validate opportunities related to intensifying cooperation and to identify related expectations and risks from both an internal and external point of view, but also identifying ways and direct actions to avoid risks.