Association of Trade Fair and Event Organisers – At the Heart of Trade Fairs

nSight understood our needs very well and we received a visionary study that gave us tangible benefits. nSight also presented the results to the personnel of our member companies in inspiring, concrete and insightful workshops. A completely new type of and fruitful cooperation!

Reija Könönen, Executive Director, Association of Trade Fair and Event Organisers

Association of Trade Fair and Event Organisers represents the Finnish trade fair industry and the companies operating in it. Its goal is to promote the operating conditions of the industry, train for the effective use of trade fair media and provide reliable information about trade fairs.

The Covid pandemic was a huge challenge for the trade fair industry. During the worst phase of the pandemic, events could not be organized, and people still had not fully returned to the fair in the fall of 2022. To be able to support its members in their own business, Association of Trade Fair and Event Organisers needed an in-depth and validated understanding of this inherently international phenomenon. The goal was both to understand the causes of the phenomenon and to identify ways to improve the situation from the perspective of both consumer and professional fairs. To meet the needs, we carried out a large-scale research combining interviews and quantitative methods studying both individuals and professionals fair visitors.

The result of the cooperation was a comprehensive understanding of Finnish trade fair business, the motives behind it, and the expectations for a successful trade fair experience. The created understanding can be used in a very versatile way – to identify ways to develop the activities of trade fair organizers and to help companies acting as exhibitors at trade fairs in offering successful trade fair experiences and thus achieving their own goals.